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Ranked two years in a row near the top of the Forbes' list of "Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers"
and also listed in the "Top 50 Social Media Bloggers" as ranked by the social analytics firm, Kred, Glen Gilmore is an internationally-recognized digital marketing strategist.  

An instructor of Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Crisis Communications, Emerging Tech, Social Media Law, and Social Media for Public Officials at the Rutgers University School of Business, Gilmore is also an attorney.  He has created and presented customized training for members of the Fortune 500.  An international speaker, Gilmore is widely sought on the subject of social media marketing. 

Quoted by the MSNBC and CNN on the use of social media marketing by major brands during the Super Bowl, by the Associated Press on crisis communications, and by Reuters and The Times of India on the security risks posed to investment advisors from the use of social media, Gilmore is consulted on a wide range of communications and digital issues.

He has been called a 
"Twitter Powerhouse" by the Huffington Post and "well-versed in all things Web related" by The Memphis Daily.  

Consistantly ranked a top thought leader on "Content Marketing," "Social Business," and "The Internet of Things,"
Gilmore shares keen insights on important digital and marketing trends.

Having served as Chair of New Jersey's Economic Development Task Force
for the League of Municipalities, during his two four-year terms as Mayor of New Jersey's eighth-largest city, Hamilton, Gilmore brings a wealth of experience to his clients.  During his tenure as Mayor, his community was for the first time recognized by Money magazine as one of the "Best Places to Live in America" and by CNN as the "10th Safest City in America".  

For his leadership in crisis, Gilmore earned many accolades: 

The New York Times "Gilmore became...a national hero"

TIME magazine " a man of action."

He also served for several years as a member of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Board of Directors.  He is also a former municipal prosecutor, Communications Director for a member of the New Jersey State Assembly, and he earned the "Silver Wings" of a paratrooper, having been commissioned an Infantry Lieutenant while a student at Rutgers.

Social Media & Digital Strategy

The worlds of communication and marketing have changed.  The challenge is to seize the enormous opportunities created by a medium of communication that has a staggering scale of participation never imagined before and a speed of delivery that takes only as long as the send on a smartphone.  Social media, the medium of the web, demands a "conversation" --monologues are not accepted.  "Authenticity" and "transparency" are minimum requirements of a digital strategy that aims to connect real people with real opportunities.  Content creation and search engine optimization go hand in hand.

Social Business & Governance

As social media has evolved to social business, a transformation that recognizes the enormous marketing importance of the medium, social and digital governance have become a challenge for most companies, especially for those operating within highly-regulated industries. Understanding that regulatory agencies are also struggling to develop guidelines that keep pace with evolving technologies and online marketing mediums creates social and digital governance concerns for most businesses.

Don't Let Legal Keep You Out of Social

Social media polices, training and supervision are the foundation stones of regulatory compliance and digital marketing success. Creating a social media marketing business plan and governance team that integrate a cross spectrum of a company should mark the beginning of a company's journey into the social media space. Failing to do so puts companies at risk.


Providing guidance in the world of digital marketing and new media: establishing a social media team, plan, policies and training, brand launch, reframing, community development, key opinion leader mapping and communications, brand monitoring, "conversation", business development, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, crisis planning and response, content curation and creation and engagement, digital governance, regulatory compliance: marketing in the digital marketplace.  Social Business.

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